The Cafe´Racer: If You Don't Want One, You Should

Some things never go out of fashion.  Whether you are eighteen or eighty, there is so much to love about this classic, motorcycle style.

Made popular by British cyclists in the 1960's, the Cafe´Racer was built to rapidly transport the rider from one cafe´to another.  They are characterized by handlebars positioned low to reduce wind resistance, an elongated tank meant to be gripped by the rider's knees, and riding in a lowered position to promote overall better handling.

It is important to note that handling and safety are primitive on this machine.  This was riding when men were men.  When is the last time you rode at 120 mph with no seat belt and minimal breaking ability?

Japanese bikes heavily influenced the Cafe´Racer scene in the late 1970's.  I am particularly fond of Kawasaki's and over the years have owned a number of vintage Kawis.  No comfort here.  All style!  The raw smell of gas, the sound of the engine, the clothing you wear when riding, all say MAN.

Quintin Joseph recommends:

Kawasaki W650 Cafe Racer by Brett Jordan CC BY
Cafe Racer BSAs by John Robert Shepherd CC BY
Photo by Play Out Right Now CC BY
Royal Enfield GT Continental Cafe´Racer by Keith Ellwood CC BY
Quintin Joseph with Duncan Quinn
Miami Design District