The Devil is in the Detail

All too often a man's idea of an accessory is a belt with a recognizable designer emblem.  He relies solely on this to carry him, however this is just not enough.  Where is the imagination?  The art of dressing allows you to share your mood and personality with others.  When you walk into a room, what you wear makes a statement before you speak or are spoken to.

Style is more than the car you drive.  Once the valet has driven off, there you stand.  What will you be wearing?  What impression will you make?  The Devil is in the detail.

Center:  Quintin Joseph with Etro associates.  He is wearing Tom Ford Sunglasses,  Charvet Bow Tie,  Ralph Lauren Purple Label Jacket,  Shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren Black Label,  Ralph Lauren Purple Label Pants,  Panthrella Socks and Salvatore Ferragamo Tramezza Brown & White Spectator Shoes.

Umbrella by Tom Ford