Man's Best Friend

As usual, it has been a warm summer in South Florida.  Allowing my dogs to unwind at the beach is my way of saying thank you for their loyalty.  For centuries, dogs have provided protection and companionship to man.  Those that fall into the Working Group use their intelligence and strength to serve humans.  Some of my favorite breeds fall into this category.

The Rottweiler for instance, was historically responsible for driving and guarding cattle in Germany in ancient times.  In 1907, the breed was promoted as a popular police dog.  It was commonly used by the Allies and the Nazi's during World War II.  Confident, alert and guarded towards strangers, this striking breed will protect your family faithfully.

Outside of the Working Group, lies  another of my favorites, the American Staffordshire Terrier.  First used in the United States in activities such as bullbaiting and dog fighting, this breed contains docile traits that were used to handle this powerful dog in the midst of a fight.  Therefore, its temperament is generally friendly.  It is a fantastic family dog and a wonderful companion built with great strength for its size.

My overall choice for the best dog however is the mixed breed.  Pure-bred dogs can often be prone to health problems for a variety of reasons. Careless breeding can occur in popular breeds.  With the mixed breed you get a faithful friend who often displays many of the best traits of multiple breeds.

What is your favorite dog?

Quintin Joseph's dogs off-leash.
Key Biscayne, Florida
A relaxing evening with Robb Report and Man's Best Friend.  Quintin Joseph pictured wearing a vintage Turnbull & Asser shirt, Gucci Necktie, AG Jeans, Ferragamo loafers.  Spectacles by David Yurrnan.

Staffordshire Terrier


Man's Best Friend cufflinks by Paul Smith