J.M. Weston: French Quality Craftsmanship

J.M. Weston is indeed one of the finest shoemakers whose art I have had the privilege to enjoy.  

Established in 1891, Weston is the only shoemaker with its own leather tannery.  The tanning is performed in the old tradition and requires a full year of work.  The highest quality skins are selected and each is inspected to ensure it is free from imperfections.  Only the rear portion of the hide is used since it is the most durable and wrinkle-free area of the animal.  

Once the leather is tanned, over 150 procedures are required for each model.  An additional two months is necessary to produce a pair of shoes.  

Watching a video depicting the artistry that goes into a pair of J.M. Weston shoes, it becomes evident that price really doesn't matter when purchasing a pair of shoes that will last a lifetime. Their durability is unparalleled due to the tanning process. Moreover, the shoe can be unstitched to reveal its individual parts, making it quite easy to repair.  The outsole can be replaced three to four times if needed.  The quality and value of this shoe is truly outstanding.

Please enjoy this video.

Quintin Joseph suggests: 

J.M. Weston Black Boxcalf Lace-Up

J.M. Weston Burgundy Vocalou Boxcalf 
J.M. Weston Black Derby Boxcalf