Kiton: Bespoke Luxury Menswear

Considered one of the best and most expensive retailers world-wide, Kiton represents luxury in every sense of the word.  A glimpse of the factory floor will reveal the craftsmanship the designer is known for.  Needles, thread and scissors are the tools with which Neapolitan artisans create stunning garments.  Fabrics are made exclusively for Kiton and all pieces are limited in production due to the number of hours it takes to create each item as well as the number of tailors that work on each piece.

A Kiton suit retails for between $5,000 and $10,000 USD.  Worn like a second skin by the most distinguished gentlemen, it is not for the masses.

Quintin Joseph suggests:

Kiton Cashmere & Silk Light-Weight Pullover Knit
Sizes: XL (54) & XXL (56)

Size: M (50)

Sizes: L (52) & XL (54)