The Shearling Bomber Jacket

Worn since ancient times, the Shearling coat is both functional and fashionable.  It is made of the skin of a lamb shorn only once that has been tanned with the wool left on the hide.  The result is an extremely supple leather coat with an interior lining that naturally wicks away moisture.  Shearlings are known for their warmth and comfort.  

Because the quality of this type of garment can vary depending on the finishing, it is generally recommended that one purchase a Shearling from a reputable company. Quintin Joseph recommends the following Burberry London Bomber Jacket made in Italy.  It is expertly finished with calf skin, and includes a flip up collar, adjustable cuffs and waistband, a dual zipper and zipper sleeves.  A quality Shearling, the timeless look of a Bomber Jacket and made in Italy by Burberry.  

Need we say more?

Burberry Bomber Jacket
Shearling finished with Calf
Made in Italy
Color: Ink 
Five Button, Two Front Button Pockets
Underarm Air Vents 
"Burberry" Embossed Buttons