AG Jeans

Why AG Jeans?

Adriano Goldschmied Jeans or AG Jeans are lightweight, comfortable and made in the USA. These are not your father's jeans. Stylish without being overly trendy, your AG Jeans will last season after season due to their quality construction. I have worn mine until they have developed a soft texture and threadbare patches that only improve the jean's appearance and comfort with age.

Selecting the Perfect Pair


Know your numbers. To determine fit, measure the circumference of your waist just above your hip bones. This is your waist measurement.  Next, measure the length of the pant leg from the crotch to the hem. This is your inseam measurement. These are the two most important measurements, however you may also want to your know how wide you need the opening of the pant leg to be at the bottom.


Your build will determine which jeans look best on you. For a slim fit, consider The Geffen or The Matchbox. For a classic, traditional fit The Protege is the jean for you. A more stocky build may require a relaxed fit. The Hero, Quintin Joseph's favorite, offers relaxed styling with a generous amount of leg room. 

The Geffen
The Hero

The Protege

The Matchbox


Consider your intentions. How and where will you wear the jeans?  For a casual Friday office set, dark denim pairs well with a dress shirt and blazer. A summer-inspired weekend look lends itself to a lighter wash or a fresh white pair of AG's.  

Share what your favorite jean is, AG or otherwise.