The Blues

I cannot think of a better color than blue.  It can be worn in any season, but as warmer months approach it becomes more prominent in our wardrobe as well as in the scenery. Sky and sea all reflect this magnificent color in an array of hues.

Blue made its first appearance in the ancient world in the form of Lapis Lazuli, a semiprecious stone.  Egyptians adorned tombs with Lapis Lazuli and its powder was the colorant in Cleopatra's eye shadow. 

In modern-day, blue is the color of authority, often used in police uniforms.  Beyond the color, the word is deeply rooted in American culture with associations to our nation's flag, to music, and in our language.  "The Blues", can refer to feeling melancholy or to the folk music that gave rise to Rock and Roll.  Phrases such as "True Blue" refer to loyalty.  

Blue is a color that every man can wear without hesitation. It is the color of masculinity.

Quintin Joseph in NYC
Bag: Jil Sander

Quintin Joseph at Fashion's Night Out
Neiman Marcus, Coral Gables, FL

Bow Tie: Brioni
Jacket: Ermenegildo Zegna, Switzerland
Shirt: Gucci, Italy 
Pants: Canali
Belt: Prada

Quintin Joseph Suggests: 

Gucci Blue Golf Club Pattern Necktie
Made in Italy

Vitaliano Pancaldi Blue Pattern Necktie
Made in Italy

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Blue Stripe Necktie
Made in Italy

One of Quintin Joseph's favorite blogs,
The Impossible Cool captures 
Robert Redford in blue.