The Boat Shoe


The preppy summer shoe that we have come to enjoy was oddly enough inspired by a winter climate.  Paul Sperry, impressed at the way his dog was able to run across ice inspected its paws.  The Sperry founder discovered that the toe pads created wonderful traction due to their cracks and crevices.  This idea spawned the herringbone sole of the shoe boaters have come to rely upon to traverse slippery decks.  

How to Wear A Boat Shoe

Boat shoes also known as Top-Siders, or Deck Shoes are a wonderful replacement for sneakers in the summer.  Raised in the Northeast, Quintin Joseph always knew them as Dock-Siders.  

They are a polished, classic look in a deep brown, however they can be colorful and whimsical.  Boat shoes should never be worn with socks.  They are warm weather shoes that should be worn with shorts, khaki pants, linen trousers or with denim.


Sperry Top Siders have been around since the 1930's.  They have been worn by sailors in the U.S. Navy and are a popular part of American culture.  They are the traditional boat shoe and are a safe bet.