Supersets: Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Add Supersets to your fitness routine to speed up your workout and reap maximum benefits. 

What Makes Them So Super?

Performing two or more exercises back-to-back without resting between sets makes your muscles work harder. You will burn fat in less time than you would sitting around between sets.  Aside from calorie burning, Supersets drive your heart rate up and keep it up for the added benefit of a cardiovascular workout. Challenge yourself with a more intense and productive workout by simply removing the down-time between sets.

How to Superset

Switch it Up  

Alternate lower-body with upper-body exercises.  Similar to interval training, you will get a cardio-vascular workout without having to spend lots of time on the treadmill. After performing a lower-body exercise, move directly to an upper-body exercise, for instance lunges, followed by shoulder presses. 

Add Cardio

There are certain exercises that will get your heart rate going more than others.  Performing Lunges while carrying dumbbells is an example of an exercise that will get your heart pumping. For more aerobic activity, add a cardio element to your circuit between the two or more exercises. For instance, leg press, followed by step-ups on a step or bench, followed by leg extensions.


Less is More 

Eliminating rest between sets will tire muscles more quickly.
While performing Supersets, you will lift less weight than in straight sets.  

Timing is Everything  

The faster you transition between exercises the better.  
Rest for 1 to 2 minutes after back-to-back sets of exercises. 

Supersets for Beginners

Start with two back-to-back exercises.  Continue to add more sets of Supersets as your fitness level increases.

Quintin Joseph's Superset for Legs 

5 Exercises and the Muscles they Target

  1. Leg Press: Quads
  2. Squats (No Bar): Quads & Light Hamstrings
  3. Lunges: Glutes, Quad
  4. Leg Extensions: Quads
  5. Leg Curls: Hamstrings

Start out light to warm up your muscles.  There is no rest between sets.  Complete all 5 exercises back-to-back. Complete 10 to 12 reps for all exercises.  For lunges 10 up and 10 back equals one set.  Use dumbbells for lunges and for squats.

Try to stand on a 2x4 or something that resembles one with your heels elevated for the squats.

This is an amazing Superset for gaining muscle as well as for a cardiovascular workout.  If done well, your chest should be pounding.  Aside from the results, it is also extremely time efficient. Stick with it.  You'll be amazed!

As always, consult your physician before beginning any exercise regimen.