The Best IPA Glass: Spiegelau

I, Quintin Joseph, am a fan of IPA beers. The history of this increasingly popular variety as well as a few of my favorites were mentioned in an earlier post, "Not Your Father's Beer".  

Any fine beverage requires a proper vessel. Why resort to a basic pint glass when there is a better option? The renowned glass maker Spiegelau in partnership with Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head have created a truly remarkable glass in which to consume your favorite IPA. After a panel of experts considered hundreds of designs, the winner was chosen unanimously by secret ballot.  

This glass is designed to produce a frothy head and to showcase the quality hop flavor for which IPA beers are known. Why settle for anything less?  

I invite you to watch the video. Let me know what you think.

Spiegelau IPA Glass, 19-Ounce

This is my favorite glass to drink IPA's out of, hands down. The grip on the bottom is manly, while the top of the glass is thinner and offers a more refined feel. Try it for yourself.