Spectators at the Kentucky Derby


A Spectator is a casual and relaxed shoe, historically worn by the affluent. It is widely recognized by its contrasting color pattern, and is most often black and white, but may be other color combinations. It may be a Wingtip or a Cap Toe. Yet another characteristic, is the perforated pattern along the stitching or toe of the shoe. The is also known as broguing. The heel and toe colors match one another to protect the wearer from grass stains while at the races, the golf course or another leisurely pastime.


It has been theorized that the shoe was designed by the notable British bookmaker, John Lobb for Cricket. Spectators became most popular in the 1920's and 1930's. They have been associated with gangsters and Swing dancers popular in that era. Other famous wearers include members of the Kennedy family and the Duke of Windsor.
The Duke of Windsor wearing Spectators


Spectators are known as a Spring/Summer shoe. They are often paired with Seersucker as a more formal alternative to the Buck. They are a true classic and a stand-out piece to add to any gentleman's wardrobe for this season.

Quintin Joseph suggests:

Salvatore Ferragamo Brown & Cream Tramezza Spectator
Made in Italy
Salvatore Ferragamo Black & White Tramezza Spectator
Made in Italy
Salvatore Ferragamo Brown & Tobacco Linen Tramezza Spectator
Made in Italy
Ralph Lauren Purple Label Whittaker Black & White Spectator
Made in England
Bergdorf Goodman Black & White Spectator
Made in Italy