Coveting Cashmere


Manufactured in Kashmir India for thousands of years, the luxuriously soft fabric rose in popularity in the 18th century when cashmere shawls were introduced into Western Europe.

Production & Benefits

Cashmere is the hair of a goat. Its texture is strong, light and soft. Clothing made from this fiber provides three times the insulation of sheep's wool and is much softer. Cashmere for clothing is obtained from the neck of the goat. Cashmere goats produce a fine undercoat. This undercoat is dyed and converted to fabric.

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Quintin Joseph suggests:

Loro Piana Burgundy Pattern Cashmere Necktie
Made in Italy

Isaia Green with Lavender Cashmere Jacket
Made in Italy
Brunello Cucinelli Green with Blue Cashmere Sweater 
Made in Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna "Duo" Brown Herringbone Cashmere Overcoat
Made in Italy
Kiton Green & Red Cashmere Necktie 
Made in Italy
Ralph Lauren Purple Label Hand-Tailored Cashmere Jacket
Made in Italy

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