"My expression of beauty is something I do naturally. I love the human body—the female body, the male body. I work in a way to try to enhance the body, and so you often see a lot of the body or the silhouette or outline, and that’s what people equate with sex. But I’m very comfortable with sexuality." - Tom Ford

Is Tom Ford the embodiment of the American dream? Some might think so. How else can you describe this American fashion designer and film maker who was born in Austin, Texas to a pair of realtors? Growing up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, could Ford fathom his future notoriety?

The carefully coiffed and manicured Ford rose to this fame through his remarkable career with Gucci. In 1990 he became the company's womenswear designer and then Creative Director of the company in 1994. During the ten years as Creative Director sales increased from 230 million dollars to almost 3 billion dollars! In 2000, after Gucci acquired YSL, Ford took on the task of Creative Director of YSL in addition to his responsibilities at Gucci. 

Ford resigned from Gucci and in 2005, he announced the creation of the TOM FORD brand. His first store opened in New York in 2007. 

While many would be content to rest on these laurels, Ford has also directed, produced and co-wrote the film "A Single Man", which received critical acclaim. 

Ford's talent and work ethic are indisputable and as a result, he maintains a cult-like following.

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TOM FORD Blue Suit
Made in Switzerland
TOM FORD Orange Peak Lapel Blazer
Made in Italy

TOM FORD Black Patent Leather Shoes
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TOM FORD Exotic Crocodile Belt
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TOM FORD Gray Vest
Made in Switzerland

TOM FORD Blue Pattern Scarf
Made in Italy

TOM FORD Fuchsia Silk Bow Tie
Made in Italy
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